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Brandon-COPsync Law Enforcement Technology and Solutions

Brandon-COPsync, LLC, headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, was founded in 2012 “exclusively” to sell nationally, the COPsync Inc. portfolio of real-time law enforcement technology products. Together, both companies partnered to address issues that continue to plague United States law enforcement since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001:

September of 2014 marked a turning point for both companies. On September 23rd, 2014, New Hampshire’s Governor Maggie Hassan joined Brandon-COPsync (COPsync911) to launch New Hampshire’s School Emergency Notification Initiative through a multi-year and multimillion dollar statewide contract that was approved by New Hampshire’s Executive Council and funded through a federal Emergency Management Performance Grant.

Today, Brandon-COPsync provides the nation’s largest law enforcement real-time, in-car information sharing, communication and data interoperability network, and the COPsync911 threat alert system for schools, government buildings, hospitals and other high risk targets.  For over a generation (combined) Brandon-COPsync’s management team has specialized in representing technology companies seeking to enhance public safety, law enforcement and homeland security.


Educational Institutions

Schools, Colleges and Universities

School Shootings: Every Second Counts

Our nation’s schools should be safe havens for teaching and learning, free of violence.  Until now, developing a solution to respond to potential incidents of targeted school violence has been challenging, complex and without answers.  COPsync911 (“CS911”) is a revolutionary school safety tool providing a real-time threat alert and notification system.  In the event of a threat, school administrators or faculty can activate CS911 by clicking on an icon — instantly sending an alert to the (5) closest law enforcement patrol cars (regardless of agency or jurisdiction) and dispatch.

The CS911 software platform provides a real-time chat window and allows faculty or staff to provide pertinent and reliable information via instant message to law enforcement. CS911 provides offers and dispatch with threat location (address and room number), GPS directions to the threat, and an interactive floor plan schematic of the school building — enabling officers to respond on scene faster with exact knowledge of the location of the threat.

The system alleviates the following challenges during times of threat:

  • Lack of real-time, mission critical information sharing among school officials, officers and agencies at the point of incident
  • Inability of officers and agencies to communicate among themselves and across jurisdictional boundaries in real-time
  • Risks to officer safety and unsatisfactory response time in incidents of targeted school violence

Brandon-COPsync empowers educators with the latest, most powerful and innovative technology solutions. These solutions include providing law enforcement, school administrators, faculty and school resource officers with a real-time information sharing platform.  Until now, one of the greatest challenges facing school safety has been the inability of teachers to communicate directly with law enforcement.  COPsync provides teachers/faculty with real-time outbound and inbound communications and peace of mind that help is on the way – and communications continue in real time.


Law Enforcement

Transforming law enforcement in real-time!

New threats to the United States and to our law enforcement officers are greatly expanding in numbers, scope and lethality.  The COPsync network is the only network in the United States that enables all law enforcement agencies and officers to share one common communications platform, regardless of jurisdiction.

For the first time in policing, COPsync arms officers and dispatch with real-time reliable intelligence through a crisis communication portal.  The officer safety crisis communication portal (“ccp”) provides officers with the threat location and a map of the building, along with any further information given through the COPsync chat portal (i.e description of a shooter, which way they are heading).  Brandon-COPsync is the nation’s only real-time information sharing, threat alert and notification system that is certified by the Criminal Justice Information System (“CJIS”).




COPsync911 Security Solution

Today’s security threats to industry and commerce come at great costs.  Brandon-COPsync is the nation’s leader in providing innovative and reliable technology solutions to commercial customers.  Our real-time threat alert/communication platform provides businesses and law enforcement with a direct link to each other. The CS911 threat alert and support system enables for a rapid and situational response by law enforcement.

The COPsync911 real-time threat alert system will help mitigate a breech, targeted threat, incident or active situation.  The COPsync911 system supports:

  • Hospitals and Research Facilities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Malls
  • Corporate Campuses





COPsync911 is a “real-time threat alert system.” If under potential threat, a member from the school triggers an alert from their computer or mobile device, which immediately connects them with the closest officers to the building’s location.


Our mission is to provide law enforcement officials with a mission critical and reliable turnkey solution to gather valuable video/audio evidence, and to protect officers from false liability claims. VIDTAC provides the Best-In-Class turnkey technology solution.


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