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Brandon-COPsync, LLC


Our Mission

Brandon-COPsync empowers law enforcement personnel with the latest, most powerful and innovative technology solutions. These solutions include providing law enforcement and schools with real-time information, communication and reduced response time. Most importantly, it is the mission of Brandon-COPsync to protect our nation’s children and law enforcement officials. By providing law enforcement and schools with the COPsync911 solution, we significantly reduce response time to critical incidents.


Brandon-COPsync“The school sent out a test alert, and within 4 seconds we received the alert notification simultaneously in both the dispatch center and a cruiser’s MDT that was out on the road.” Lieutenant Chris Gandia – Londonderry, NH Police Department.

 “This is a great tool to get real-time information, to get officers on the scene as quickly as possible and to help them locate the threat and eliminate the threat.” Chief Domenic DiMella – Saugus, MA Police Department

 “…we think it’s the best way to protect everyone and all the children.” Robin Sundquist – Bedford County Sheriff’s Office