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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office / Warrenton, Virginia / Brandon COPsync – COPsync911 / News Conference August 16, 2016

Brandon COPsync is excited to release the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office – Virginia COPsync911 News Conference – August 16, 2016

Opening remarks came from Dr. David Jeck – “When parents send their children to school they want to be sure of two things – children are learning and children are safe. COPsync is another way to ensure the safety of our kids and staff”.

As part of the press conference Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, Warrenton Police Department and Fauquier County Schools jointly announced the new partnership with COPsync911.

Sheriff Robert P. Mosier commented that COPsync gives us “communications in real time”. Sheriff Mosier then introduced Captain Ray Acors – “Communication is too slow with an active shooter, therefore we found COPsync911 which provides instant communication”.

Brandon COPsync’s Senior Advisor, Chief Robert Frydryk (RET) explained how COPsync911 can notify law enforcement to communicate with schools in real time and also notify everyone inside the building.

Chief Frydryk congratulated Fauquier County and the city of Warrenton and Warrenton Police Department for caring for the safety of all students and staff.