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DOJ NIJ Recognizes COPsync911 as “National Best Practice”

Brandon-COPsync has the distinct privilege of announcing that the recent field study entitled: “The Role of Technology in Improving K-12 School Safety” conducted by the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has recognized COPsync911 as a “National Best Practice.”


In the report, the authors summarize existing research on school violence, categorize school safety technologies, describe the available research about them and present six case studies of innovative technologies as used in schools. One of the case studies presented in the report was the New Londonderry School District in New Hampshire, where COPsync911 was implemented as an emergency alert system in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, to reduce the time for law enforcement response in a crisis. The case study provides details as to how the system is used in the schools and the relationship between the school district and the police department.

The authors of the report also summarize experts’ views of technologies and safety problems based on interviews and present experts’ rankings of technology needs to improve school safety produced during two day-long panels. These activities revealed that some of the most pressing safety needs that technology could address related to (1) enabling two-way communication between teachers and emergency responders; (2) “all-in-one” applications that would integrate currently fragmented and outdated school safety policies, procedures, and training for school staff and parents; (3) advances in social media monitoring; and (4) improved anonymous tip lines to make them more robust and effective.

This outcome is the culmination of over one year’s worth of work and collaboration from Brandon-COPsync members, Chief Mike Sielicki and Brandon Flanagan with research analysts.


Here is a link to the complete study and please reference pages 40-42.