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Peace of Mind for Teachers, Children and Parents

Peace of Mind for Teachers, Children and Parents

Every Second Counts!

COPsync911 is a “real-time threat alert system.”  If under potential threat, a member from the school triggers an alert from their computer or mobile device, which immediately connects them with the closest officers to the building’s location.section2_image_v2 With the COPsync911 solution installed on any device, members of a school can silently communicate with the officers and 911 dispatchers providing pertinent information, while also silently notifying the remainder of the school.  Officers can send an immediate reply message letting the sender know they are on their way.

  1. Immediately alert law enforcement directly to their in-car computer and cell phones
  2. Simultaneously notify dispatch and dispatch terminals
  3. Get officers on scene faster
  4. Live chat between officers, dispatch and threat environment
  5. GPS directions and target floor plan of threat location

Should law enforcement be the first to receive information regarding an imminent emergency, a “Reverse Notification” message can be sent to the school, bypassing the delay which is often encountered by working through the school’s automated phone system. This is very valuable in situations related to suspicious persons, weather emergencies, accidents and potential threats not yet known at the school.